My Story

My journey to becoming a Vegan started over 27 years ago on a family trip to Queensland.  I was eight years old when my family took a road trip from the Mornington Peninsula to the Gold Coast – on this trip we passed an abattoir in broad daylight and the images of what I saw and the stench in the air have stayed with me until this day.  From that day on I never ate red meat again.  Over the years I then gave up white meat, eggs and dairy.  In the nineties and the naughties there wasn’t a lot of meat free alternatives on the market and I had to learn to be creative and eating out was a nightmare – waiters rolling their eyes and my friends embarrassed at my “fussiness”.

I remember about six years ago how excited I was to discover Mister Nice Guys – a vegan bakery where I could purchase cakes for birthdays and even donuts!!!  Sadly though, their shop was located in Melbourne and I lived on the Mornington Peninsula……. Over the years I noticed Melbourne started to have more and more options for Vegans popping up on social media feeds but still nothing on the Peninsula….

Recently though things have changed, and that’s what got me thinking about starting this blog. Now when I go to order at restaurants waiters smile and offer me special Vegan options that they have on their menu – delicious ones!  Gone are the days are stiff cardboard tasting “meat alternatives” or plain tofu – there is now so many beautiful alternatives to milk, cheese, eggs, honey, meat etc. Cooking at home has become gourmet, even my meat eating husband enjoys my vegan meals.

Follow this blog and my instagram feed to see where to go for great Vegan meals on the Mornington Peninsula and where to buy fantastic dairy and meat free products for cooking at home….  I may even list a few of my go to recipes that the whole family will love!


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